5 Fun Facts About Mountain Village

5 Fun Facts About Mountain Village

Together with its sister town, Telluride, the quaint and charming Mountain Village has established itself as one of the best ski resorts in the country. Characterized by its European-style chalet architecture and an impressive gondola system linking the towns together, Mountain Village attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors year-round annually. The beautiful mountains and sprawling valleys offer many outdoor activities, such as biking, hiking, skiing, and more.

Of course, there is more to Mountain Village than beauty and natural wonder. Here are five additional facts about Mountain Village you may be interested to know.

It started as a sheep ranch in the 1960s

The town of Mountain Village first began as several tracts of land for rearing sheep. The neighboring Telluride operated as a mining town, built above a series of underground tunnels. It wasn’t until 1968 when entrepreneur Joe Zoline purchased a parcel of land to commence the construction of a world-class ski resort and then convinced the Town of Telluride in 1969 to assist him in building Mountain Village from the ground up.

The first set of lifts and ski runs were unveiled in 1972, the first stage of Zoline’s plan. The plan changed, however, when Ron Allred and Jim Wells purchased the developing ski resort from Zoline in 1978 and set about creating the Mountain Village people know today. With European architecture as the main inspiration, Allred and Wells incorporated 3.5 square miles of a former sheep ranch into Mountain Village and built several single-family estates across the landscape. Their intent was to construct a pedestrian-friendly resort village with hiking trails, walking paths, and other opportunities for outdoor recreation.

As the town continued to grow and garner a favorable reputation among skiing enthusiasts, it became clear that Mountain Village was destined to be more than a company town. The village was formally incorporated as its own home-rule municipality on March 10, 1995, and the first council meeting was held only 19 days later. From rural, humble beginnings to the world-class luxury and entertainment of today, Mountain Village’s story is a testament to the resilience and determination of Colorado’s people.

It’s near a handful of hot springs and national forests

The natural beauty of the Colorado landscape is one thing to marvel at from afar but another thing to experience for yourself. Visitors and residents of Mountain Village alike venture to rejuvenate their bodies and souls at the adjacent hot springs, including the Orvis Hot Springs resort and the Ouray Hot Springs resort. You’ll also find beautiful hot springs at the Mountain Lodge at Telluride and the Box Canyon Lodge. The benefits of simmering in natural hot springs include detoxifying the skin, reducing stress, pain relief, and better sleep.

There are also benefits to taking a walk through the great outdoors. Mountain Village sits near two federally protected lands — the San Juan National Forest and the Uncompahgre National Forest. These gorgeous forests provide breathtaking views of the Colorado landscape, rich hiking experiences, and also serve as a home for Colorado’s diverse wildlife. You’ll find nothing but beauty in and around Mountain Village.

It’s home to several family-friendly festivals

Both Mountain Village and Telluride work together to host a number of festivals throughout the year. In May, the Mountainfilm Festival arrives with a series of showings held at various venues in the two towns, supporting independent productions of nonfiction films about the environment, social issues, and other such topics. In June, the Telluride Balloon Festival dots the skies with an array of colorful balloons over the course of two days, soon followed by the Red, White, and Blues Fourth of July Celebration.

Perhaps the most eventful month is August. The Telluride Jazz Festival and the Mountain Village Festival of the Arts overlap in August, bringing guests several days of soul and jazz, walking tours, parades, and a showcase of art by creatives from all over the country. These festivities are only a handful of the special events held in Mountain Village — to discover the rest, you’ll have to come see for yourself!

The nearby town of Telluride has a National Historic Landmark District

Originally called Columbia, the Town of Telluride began as a humble mining town in the late 1800s. Although it has since then prospered into the thriving ski resort community people love today, Telluride retains much of its history — it is officially registered as a National Historic Landmark District. The designated area covers 80 acres of land containing remnants of the old mining town, including streets, residential areas, cemeteries, and architecture. The town devotes itself to preserving the history enshrined in the district but also invites guests to visit and learn a significant piece of American history.

The surrounding mountains boast elevations of 13,000 to 14,000 feet

A world-class ski resort can hardly be known as such without the landscape to show for it. Fortunately, the San Juan Mountains don’t fail to impress! With impressive peaks spanning anywhere from 13,000 to over 14,000 feet, the San Juan Mountains offer a world of excitement and beauty in a single run. Rolling meadows, idyllic hiking trails, breathtaking vistas from atop various peaks — every guest at Mountain Village would also do well to visit the San Juan Mountains. Even if you’re not interested in skiing, a day hiking through the mountains is sure to be a worthwhile experience. You won’t find another place as beautiful and unique as this region.

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